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Why The Boss Baby Was Doomed to Fail
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Why The Boss Baby Was Doomed to Fail
Hi all.

Ani Mat recently made a review of The Boss Baby. Spoiler Alert: It sucks.

"Wow, I really thought that move would be good!" said nobody ever.

Okay ... I'm exaggerating. Some people thought this movie would be good ... but most of them are women over the age of fifty.

Watching this review reminded me of one of my favorite Roger Ebert quotes.

"Babies are cute only when they're being babies. When they're presented as miniature adults (on greeting cards, in TV commercials or especially in this movie), there is something so fundamentally wrong that our human instincts cry out in protest."
- Roger Ebert

Hollywood never learns. Every decade or so, they make another movie about talking babies. Old spinsters are the only people who enjoy the movie. Everyone else thinks that the movie sucks. A decade later, we get another one of these stinkers.

If you make a movie about talking babies, you are making a movie that can only be enjoyed by old ladies. Do we really need movies aimed at old ladies? No we don't.
04-09-2017 12:58 AM
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RE: Why The Boss Baby Was Doomed to Fail
The only babies I'm okay acting like adults are Maggie Simpson who has done some elaborate things that are far beyond her age before and Stewie Griffin because it's a part of his character that he can do so many things very well that a baby shouldn't be able to do and yet not know everything about the world. Other babies that can interact with Stewie on the same level are okay as well as long as they aren't included in the main cast. Examples would be Penelope and Bertrum because they are Stewie's rivals in terms of intelligence and Oliva because she counters Stewie in terms of personality.

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04-09-2017 04:52 AM
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